Ride Your Money Wave

Ep. 14 - Money Talk with Financial Adviser, Alex Dinser

April 28, 2018

Alex Dinser started his own financial advisory firm after graduating from college.  He took his one-man operation and has built Horizon Advisers into a team of advisers, estate planners, and tax professionals who service 250 clients...and it is still growing.  Alex was kind enough to sit down and talk about his money journey and offer advice to people who are looking to save and invest.  Even though I have known Alex for several years now, I walked away replaying some of his insights on money, specifically the benefits of having a team of coaches guide you through your financial journey and preparing for the dismal and probable, like disability insurance.  Our talk shined a light on the fact that a truly healthy financial portfolio goes beyond simple diversification and protects against multiple areas of downside risk.