Ride Your Money Wave

Ep. 23 - How to Market Your Business in a Crowded Marketplace with Dave Loria.

June 21, 2018

Dave Loria is a 25-year old entrepreneur who talks openly and candidly about his failed businesses (one which almost burnt his parents' house down) and how it lead him to launch his led generation business, Pilot Digital.  There, he uses agile marketing techniques to test various platforms and campaigns to see what works best for his clients, thus increasing their ROI (return on investment) for every marketing dollar spent.  Dave is a treasure trove of insight and information.  He talks about why he decided to leave college, how to capitalize on trends, the role of trends in the marketplace, and how to know when to pivot your business. Be sure to check out Part Two of this podcast where we talk more about personal finance of millennials and the challenges younger generations face financially and in their careers.