Ride Your Money Wave

Ep. 25 - How to Nail a Job Interview from Professional and Team Growth Expert Bill Sicheneder

June 26, 2018

Right off the bat, Bill and I had a ton of stuff to talk about and covered many bases in this podcast.  Bill is a master salesman who set record sales at several of the jobs he held.  Now, he works for a Fortune 6 company and develops his team both personally and professionally.  Bill and I reconnected when I came across a LinkedIn article he wrote; his first LinkedIn article to be exact.  I felt like it was written by a veteran  in the industry and left inspired and reflecting about his message and how I could apply it to myself.  Together, Bill and I talked about everything from behaviors and their role in wealth and success, how to nail a job interview, what should be on your resume, the role our wives play in our success, how being openminded leads to opportunities and career advancement, and more.  Bill also explains his mantra, "Always Be of Service" and how that has helped him succeed in his career and develop as a leader.  If you aren't on LinkedIn, you can connect with Bill at BillSicheneder@yahoo.com.