Ride Your Money Wave

Ep. 28 - How to Start Up, Run, and Scale Two Businesses with Angie Nelson (and How to Properly Propose to Your Significant Other)

July 6, 2018

When I heard Angie Nelson was coming into town from her home in Maui, I knew I had to book her for this podcast.  Angie is a Michigan native who relocated to Maui and runs two businesses - Angela Nelson Photography and Engaged on Maui.  Angela Nelson Photography specializes in weddings and portraits while Engaged on Maui offers expert advice in helping people plan their proposals and photographic coverage of the event on Maui.  In this podcast, Angie and I share stories and insights into running any creative business.  Angie provides insight in running two businesses with two different business models - Angela Nelson Photography is a boutique model while Engaged on Maui is scalable.  She also talks about her favorite business book - E Myth - and how she knew it was time to hire her first employee.