Ride Your Money Wave

Ep. 37 - How Laziness and Curiosity Can Be Powerful Assets - Rich Lindberg

August 22, 2018

His freshman year of college, Rich Lindberg got a job being a runner at the New York Stock Exchange.  His job was to do anything and everything traders told him to do, including runnning buy and sell orders back and forth on the chaotic trading floor.  Enchanted by the chaos, Rich knew he wanted to have a career in the stock market.  He spents a few years as a trader on the floor, until the meltdown of 2008 happened.  After, he returned to Detroit, where he worked next to the CEO and CFO of America's largest mortgage company until he left to become the CFO or a solar company startup.  After turning that company around, he left and is now a data analyst, studying behavioral patterns...for all American households.  In today's episode, Rich talks about his time on Wall Street, the influences his mathematically-inclined parents had on him, and how he is the laziest person you will meet, despite working 80+ hours per week.  He talks specifically about how laziness is actually an asset when it comes to efficiency and how curiosity has opened career doors for him.  Lastly, Rich is a self-proclaimed 90s trivia champion, which I test him on in a terribly unprepared segment of the show.