Ride Your Money Wave

Ep. 39 - “Weed here, get your weed here!” with Chris Ostrowski

September 6, 2018

Today, I sat down with Chris Ostrowski, CTO of Dutchie, an online cannabis distribution platform.  Chris's story reads almost like a mash-up of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates - fascinated at a young age by computers, he learned how to program in his youth with the help of very supportive parents.  He later dropped out of Western Michigan University to start the first of three businesses with his business partner.  These businesses exposed him to various markets, consulting, product launch, marketing, website design, and financial instruments.  Now, he is the CTO of Dutchie, based out of Bend, Oregon.  Chris describedDutchie as the "Amazon of cannabis."  His insight into business, markets, and technology reads like an MBA course.  What I found most interesting is the side lessons he learned along the way that has helped become so successful.