Ride Your Money Wave

Ep. 40 - “I am going to punch you in the face in 3…2…1…”

September 8, 2018

USA Today reported that the number of elders, aged 75 and older, with debt and declaring bankruptcy is up almost 20%.  The statistics are scary: average debt - $36,757; percentage of families 75 years or older with debt - 49.8%; share of homeowners 65 years and older with mortgages - 41%.  You want the autumn or even winter of your life to be spent riding your money wave (sorry, I had to plug it.)  You want to be living off of the interest on your assets, not the $1,400 Social Security gives you and contemplating declaring bankruptcy.  In today's podcast, I give you three things you can do to make sure you are enjoying the last years of your life financially.