Ride Your Money Wave

Ep. 49 - Putt Putt, Paintbrushes, and Axe Throwing, Oh My!

October 30, 2018

On today's podcast, I sit down with David Poytinger, founder and owner of three of Milwaukee's hottest attractions.  9 Below is a DIY mini golf course bar, where you build your own hole and play against other teams who built their own holes, with adult beverage in hand, of course.  He and his wife, Marla, also started Axe Bar, an axe throwing bar.  Lastly, they also own and operate Splash Studio, a painting studio where guests a guided by an instructor and paint a scene.  David and Marla do this while also balancing family life with their two children.  What is so interesting about this interview is David went from a German Literature major at Kalamazoo College to working at a holistic healing center to receiving his MBA to finally opening up these businesses.  He credits their success largely to two things: learning how to negotiate and hard work and dedication.  David offers up some great insight regarding negotiations as well as some memorable business one-liners that had me reaching for pen and paper.